With the federal land grab, consider it collateral damage

And sadly, you can say that again two ways: both for the folks who suffer and for our creditors.

I’ve been saying for a long time what is just beginning to surface as a topic of conversation with western lawmakers as all things relate to the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, National Parks and Interior Department federal land grab and regulatory overreach. And the answer may surprise you. Yes, it’s certainly about control. But control, which is what these know-it-alls believe they are self-entitled to over the masses by virtue of election, is merely an end result of all things federal.

This is more about something out of control: Federal spending and the obvious end result of these folks in Washington being so out of control — federal spending and the national debt. As any small businessperson will tell you as a result of a meeting with a banker, when thinking about taking on debt, you better have collateral. Now this isn’t to say that anyone elected to Congress actually thinks before spending. They don’t, and all 535 of  them are part of the problem. This is what happens when $1 billion is a rounding error and you control the presses. But at some point, when the debt burden is too great — a point I’m beginning to believe we are well past — Joey Baggadonuts and Knuckles Paisano are gonna come calling on the vig, if not the whole enchilada. And it’s a $17 TRILLION enchilada with $10 TRILLION in growth planned for the near future.

By the way, those numbers are the only evidence you need that absolutely no one in Washington gives a lick about the debt. Anyone with a conscious about their constituents would be fighting against this until their voice was gone, or as many of the founders did, to their death. Fact is, this train has a lot of gravy, and they are all at the trough.

So here’s my question. And let’s toss out the one that says would your banker ever allow your business to have debt greater than your revenue. That ship is on the bottom of the ocean after sailing overloaded many years ago. Heck, the federal confiscation of the private sector’s cash isn’t even $3 trillion per year. So we’re working on a whole different set of books. That’s why they need gravy in D.C. to cover up the taste of the books they’ve been cooking that taxpayers are going to be forced to eat. Talking about revenue is for pikers when it comes to debt ratios. We’re talking about real spending when it comes to federal debt, because this debt is greater than the COUNTRY’S entire GDP!

So that leaves what, you ask? Well, for our creditors, it’s about to leave a debt that isn’t payable. But insurmountable debt matters little to anyone running it up when there’s no personal responsibility or consequence to the ones running it up. And that is Washington D.C. in a nut shell. Please remember, the control and confiscation of American citizens’ private property is already out of control in Washington, and they are only trying to pay the INTEREST on the debt. Heck, we’re not even within a HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS in any given fiscal year of trimming the actual principle at this point.

So here’s where the rubber meets the road. The feds need the money. And that is the only thing you need to know about your taxes, the Bundy situation in Nevada and the constant land grabbing and grubbing the feds have done over the years. And the Bundys, your local jobs market that isn’t allowed to frack, the Keystone Pipeline and myriad other things the government prevents from occurring on federal lands (or near federal lands) are just collateral damage in the fight for survival: The survival of the vomitorium trough known as federal spending, that is.

As an example, why do you think we’re importing the vast majority of our clean-burning coal? Well, it’s because the world’s largest deposit sits under federal lands just off to the west of us right here in River City. Now I used to think this was solely because the Commander in Cigar Insertion back in the 1990s made a deal to benefit his Indonesian benefactor. Well, he actually did. But that’s only part of it. The rest is to put the mineral rights to that coal in the hands of the federal government. And while a government that has the best interest of its citizenry in mind would allow the people to use this natural resource to better their lives and welfare, the feds only need it for one reason: To give it to our creditors to keep the barbarians at the gate as they loot the treasury.

Hey, it’s kinda the way things go in a republic, as predicted by folks a lot smarter than me. So basically the feds are saying accept it, or we’ll send in the troops. Just ask Mr. Bundy. This is a war to them and Bundy is collateral damage, an acceptable casualty. Feel left out? Well, you might be next.

Because the way of life for the ruling elite is more important than the lives of peons they allegedly serve. So is the way of life for their elite loan sharks.