Workforce center warns against possible scams

The Mesa County Workforce Center in Grand Junction warns people looking for jobs to look out for possible scams.

The center discovered a fraudulent employer had been using the Connecting Colorado database to scam job seekers. Scams can happen on platforms outside of Connecting Colorado, and job seekers should remain alert for the potential signs of a scam. Scammers use a valid company name, website, phone number and federal ID number that make them appear to be the actual company. The employer account is approved, which then allows them access to hundreds of job seeker’s contact information.

Warning signs of possible scam job offers include:

The contact e-mail address is not the employer’s website and uses instead Gmail or Yahoo. The e-mail address often includes Mr. or Mrs., or most recently, Dr.

The wage is too good to be true. Entry level jobs requiring no experience won’t pay $20 or more an hour or offer a raise from $15 an hour for training to $40 an hour after training.

Contact is initiated through text, Skype, a chat room or Google Hangouts.

An employer requires a check, money order or some form of payment or bank account information. This could include having you cash a check before you’ve started working.

An e-mail, job descriptions, job titles or company names contain bad grammar and misspellings.

A supposed employer answers the phone “hello” instead of using a business greeting.

Voice mail is not a company voice mail, but a personal voice mail

If a job offer doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Take a closer look.

Never give out such personal information as Social Security numbers or bank account or credit card numbers.

Those who are contacted by someone stating they’re from the Mesa County Workforce Center or Connecting Colorado and question the validity of the contact should call 248-7560, send an e-mail to on visit the Mesa County Workforce Center website at