Workplace contributions kick off United Way drive

Stacey Mascarenas
Stacey Mascarenas
John Marshall
John Marshall

United Way of Mesa County has launched its latest fund-raising campaign with more than $400,000 already raised in workplace contributions.

Workplace drives at 28 so-called Pacesetter companies and organizations raised a total of $407,472. That’s more than 37 percent of the $1.1 million goal for the 2014-2015 campaign.

On average, contributions from Pacesetters account for about 40 percent of all funds raised in the United Way campaign.

“We are so grateful to the Pacesetter companies and agencies that support United Way of Mesa County year after year,” said Stacey Mascarenas, co-chairman of the latest  campaign along with John Marshall.

“Workplace campaigns are central to the United Way’s annual fall campaign. The fact that so many people continue to reach into their pockets shows understanding of the great need in our community and a willingness to share,” Mascarenas added.

Marshall said he hopes the momentum of the Pacesetter campaigns carries over into the remainder of the overall United Way campaign.

“Now the rest of the community should be energized to help us continue the momentum towards our $1.1 million goal,” Marshall said. “We especially invite other businesses that have not had employee campaigns to talk with us, get involved and find out how fun it can be. Our community needs us.”

Since 1959, United Way of Mesa County has raised more than $27 million for health and human services programs. Contributions stay in the county and are allocated each year by local panels that review grant applications.

For more information about workplace campaigns or individual donations to United Way of Mesa County, call 243-5364 or visit the Internet Web site located at