Yes, I’m calling for an “open” revolution

Craig Hall

No, not like the ones you see in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and other major United States cities. Besides, those revolutions aren’t really open, they’re becoming more and more closed by the day. What else would you call orders for police to stand down, instructions for citizens to just give the violent rioters what they want and for community leaders to shut down live reporting as the violence actually occurs?

I’d call that a closed off revolution. Add in Facebook (and most big-time social media) fact checking and censorship, dangerous congresspeople like Jerry Nadler calling it a myth and 100 percent Democrat support for the violence while ignoring loss of life and property and the criminal behavior of the main stream media for only showing one side of the story, and you have the perfect description of what an open revolution is not. Still, open enrollment in the revolution is going well since arrests are few, there’s no bail required so perpetrators walk within hours and charges are more rare than Bill Barr actually being given 20 seconds to answer a Democrat diatribe disguised as a question.

I’m also not talking about the open acts that get folks “Karened” for one thing or another. Nor am I saying violence should be met with violence (although part of me sees this as the only solution because that’s how wars are won) or that we need more parades and actual peaceful protests to get the message out we’re sick of the tyranny — even though we’re peaceful and sick of the tyranny. These actions are all well and good and can be important parts of an open revolution.

Quick side note to “Karen” out there on masks. I see many, many folks not wearing a mask, wearing masks wrong or wearing and then not wearing and then wearing them — all in two minutes. But that’s what happens when the mask is not a store policy but rather a government edict. Because for every store, bar, restaurant and business that has the right to demand customers wear a mask, there are just as many, if not more, which won’t. And THAT is why businesses have people like Gov. Jared Polis more than willing to abuse their power mandating masks so they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their business decisions.

And it matters not if mask-wearing is some politically correct decision, whether you think government should decide how a business should run or think, or if you prefer the liberal method using government to make folks act like you think. The end result of using government force is the same: People go elsewhere. Don’t think so? Get into line at the three-times-wrapped-around-the-building Chick-fil-A and see how business is there. I’d be willing to bet it’s the same with masks. People will go where it’s a choice, not a mandate. And a smart business owner will know what to do.

That brings me to my revolution. Just open. That’s it. And I mean everything. Churches, schools, businesses, governments and anything else under the sun. Our economy has tanked over 30 percent due to the actions of Republican and Democrat leaders’ and bureaucrats’ decisions. And just so you know, it hasn’t done one damned thing to stop a virus spreading (as ALL viruses do) whether it’s 14 days to slow it or upwards of 150 days to stop it. The only thing Americans should see from that load of bull droppings is it hasn’t worked from day one and everyday Americans are suffering.

This is the United States of America. Tell people what’s going on, give them the truth of the situation and let them do what they do best: defeat any enemy foreign or domestic — whether it’s a Democrat, criminal or the next virus to roll in from China. Platitudes aren’t leadership. Keeping lawlessness and riots to inner cities while only taking action because the houses of our elected betters are threatened isn’t keeping Americans safe. Shuttering the economy is destroying this country’s heritage, history and small businesses piece by piece. Closing schools is child abuse. And shuttering our houses of worship is a declaration of war on those who seek peace, tranquility and freedom.

Yet here we are, with all of these things closed, even illegal in many cases. The vast majority of this country is hanging by a thread. And what are our leaders doing? Fighting over how much money they don’t have to give away. Extending mandates that do more harm than good, but give them power. Reporting total cases found instead of active cases and hospitalizations or whichever daily report helps them most politically. I could go on, but it boils down to is this: You aren’t being told the truth.

Here’s the America I grew up in. Riots and revolutions were put down quickly. No one told anyone else what to do, and only the crazies used government to try to do it. The adults in this country would act like adults and go to work, take a hit and do whatever it took to keep America running, protect and benefit the kids and the most vulnerable and treat those affected.

It’s past time we ignored the penalties and started being heroic Americans who rise to meet a challenge. No one in government is gonna do it for us. Open the country up.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or publisher@thebusinesstimes.