Young entrepreneurs invited to join in farmer’s market

The farmers’ market in downtown Grand Junction has launched a program designed to involve young entrepreneurs in the weekly event.

“There are some great stories within the local  community of creative kids launching really cool businesses and we think the downtown farmers’ market, which focuses on local food and art, is a great place for them to showcase what they’ve done,” said Robin Brown, special events coordinator for Downtown Grand Junction.

To make it easy on the new businesses, the market will provide a booth, table and chairs. Young entrepreneurs need only bring their products and a sign.

Young entrepreneurs must follow the same rules as any other business, which means they are required to have a state and city sales tax license. If they’re selling food, they must have approval from the health department as well.

Booth rates for young entrepreneurs up to age 16 will be $20 per business per week and businesses will share a booth.

“We hope to launch the young entrepreneurs booth on Thursday, July 2, and then host it every other week through the end of the market depending on how much participation we get,” Brown said.

The downtown farmers’ market offers a venue for local businesses that have a product to sell that was grown or produced in the local region.

This year, the market offers the products of 14 farmers and ranchers as well as a number of  vendors selling packaged food, prepared food and artwork.

The market also includes limited number of nonprofit organizations that have information to share with the public as well as the sponsors of the market.

The downtown farmers’ market will run from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays through Sept. 24 on Main Sreet. For additional information, abut the market visit the Internet Web site located at