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There’s a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? No doubt family and friends top the list, along with good health, a home in which to live and ample food to eat. It’s likely the opportunity to work and make a living constitutes a source for gratitude as well. And don’t take for granted the blessings of […]

Enterprise goes on regardless of election results

Every two years, the timing seems to work out just perfectly — perfect in a sarcastic sense that actually means terrible. Once again, an issue of the Business Times goes to press on election day. If everything goes according to schedule, the paper will be printed long before polls close. Consequently, it’s a bit difficult […]

Well done, good and faithful servant

It’s the paper before the election, and I’m not talking politics. That’s because something more important happened beyond pontificating about who our next anti-freedom “leader” will be. (OK, I got one in, and Mom would smile and be proud.) The rest of this column will be all about the woman who gave me life, who […]

In fishing and business, catches of all sizes matter

Economic developments efforts continue in the Grand Valley to land the proverbial big fish — a company that would bring a substantial number of new jobs and hefty payroll to the area. Meanwhile, though, other efforts continue to promote the birth and growth of  lots of small fish — ventures that start out as the […]

Good business good news

One of the privileges of editing a business journal is telling stories about successful companies, especially those that demonstrate that certain knack for doing things right. That’s certainly the case with the cover story about Timberline Bank. The bank — which operates locations in Grand Junction as well as Montrose and Aspen — is among […]

There are taxing reasons to operate a business in Colorado

There are a lot of good reasons to operate a business in Colorado, not the least of which is the opportunity to work and live in a state this beautiful. The halcyon days of fall with their crisp mornings, warm afternoons and changing foliage only serve to drive home the point. But as a more […]

Latest indicators offer a mix of good and bad

The right-hand column of the Trends page in the Business Times constitutes a proverbial dashboard in tracking key economic indicators for Mesa County, among them the monthly unemployment rate, real estate sales and tax collections. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the indicators pointed at once to improving conditions? Unfortunately, that’s seldom — if ever […]

Small bullets can still kill economic werewolves

Short of Elon Musk announcing the opening of a massive factory in the Grand Valley and employing 10,000 people to build rockets or cars or maybe rocket cars, there’s no single solution to the lagging economy in Mesa County. Fortunately, a multitude of smaller efforts are under way that, accumulatively, could help existing businesses expand, […]

Finally, a ballot measure to limit ballot measures

Colorado voters face the prospect of another lengthy ballot in November, one crowded with measures that propose everything from a single-payer health care system to a higher minimum wage to the legality of assisted death for patients with terminal illness. That’s not to mention other measures that still could get on the ballot that would […]

Clouds and silver linings

As is usually the case, economic indicators for Mesa County for the first half of the year constitute something of a mixed bag. And a midyear update prepared at the University of Colorado confirms Mesa County continues to lag behind other metropolitan areas of the state in key measures of economic performance. The news isn’t […]


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