A high quality event still at the heart of how many companies celebrate the season

Craig Hall, The Business Times:

 Whether you call it a Christmas or Holiday party, planning a great event for employees is high on the priority list for many companies in the Grand Valley. Best of all, the valley offers a variety of venues to fill almost any bill your company, small group or corporate family may desire. And with some indications that things are getting better, businesses in the Grand Valley seem to be in the mood for a party.

“Everyone who booked with us last year is back again already this year,” says Brian Limper, Marketing and Sales Director for Banana’s Fun Park. Limper indicated that even though it is early in the planning season, the park has also added two new, additional bookings to their schedule, including one unique event normally reserved for fair weather fans.” We have a large group coming in that includes the employees’ families, so they wanted run of the park for their event, so we’ll be running full speed on that day,” added Limper.

“What we are seeing is businesses getting back to a business normal if you will, and folks are much less hesitant to have an event for their company,” says Jeff Sauer, Sales Manager at the Clarion Inn of Grand Junction, “And that has translated into our facility to being almost fully booked for the upcoming season well ahead of last year.”

“From what we are seeing, Holiday party bookings are up about three percent for Two Rivers Convention Center,” says Theron LaFountain, General Manager of the facility, “From what I see companies are still holding Christmas and Holiday parties and that is good news for all of us in the hospitality industry.” LaFountain also noted that attendance is up at many of the Gala events that Two Rivers hosts and that spells good news for the facility going into 2012, while also being “a great indicator for the economy,” he adds. Even better, Two Rivers is actively working on some large convention opportunities through 2014, and while that may seem far off for some, it is the norm in the convention industry.

Probably the most unique venue for a Holiday office party in the Grand Valley is the facility at Allen Unique Autos where partygoers can enjoy the festivities amongst its vast, privately-owned collection classic cars and hot rods. Going into their first year of hosting Holiday parties, the company is happy with the results. “We are very pleased to have booked six parties for December and three for January,” says Misty Allen, “And now that we have received our liquor license we can offer even more services to tour clients.” Companies are seeking something different according to Allen, and many come in early to tour the facility to learn about the collection and create activities for their employees that include the cars. “We have some great partners as well in the entertainment industry, so we can create just about any atmosphere our clientele desires.” Allen added.


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