A new year, timeless philosophies, will bring about new opportunities

Every year, I try to take a step back and look at the paper (as well as remind myself of what our advertisers and readers have had to say) in terms of how things look and how the paper has grown and performed.

The good news is that from pretty much every corner, that answer is darned well.

But in any economy, the status quo is not going get things done in terms of maximizing growth and opportunity. I realize that what I just wrote might be the most mundane, unneeded and obvious sentence I have written during the past year as well. So perhaps I’ll just go about discussing what we’ve accomplished over the past year and what we’re looking to do over the next.

The good news for the Business Times is that business news never stops, no matter what kind of economy we’re in. The better news for our advertisers and readers is that we continue to grow our presence in terms of where those stories are told and in serving the community’s desire to hear those stories in a professional, in-depth and quality manner.

It’s my sincere hope that you have seen, as many have and continue to express, the Business Times grow over the past year, enhancing its reputation of being the definitive source for Grand Junction business news. We liked hearing that so much that we’ve updated our masthead to read just that: The definitive source for Grand Junction business news since 1994. And we intend to expand our influence in this most important role in the community.

Once again, for 2011, the Business Times will offer 24 focused content sections that will give our advertisers, readers and local businesses that much more opportunity to find and reach their clientele, learn more about the diverse business community we have in the Grand Valley as it relates to specific business topics and give them a place have their stories told.

We’ll continue to expand our in-depth, investigative coverage on the stories that matter most to our readers and community, all while putting some of those same issues in the forefront with editorials and columns that express our viewpoint and keep the conversation going.

As our regular readers can attest to over the past year, we’ve been able to run the gamut in terms of not only being the center of many of these conversations, but also have taken these conversations to a level where certain parties have had to answer to the community. I’m proud of what “the little office with three guys with nothing better to do” has been able to accomplish on our news and opinion pages. I can also tell it works from the kudos intermixed with the occasional, “you, sir, are an idiot” comments I receive.

Above and beyond what Phil, Mike and I bring to our readers twice a month, we are looking to expand our content by bringing on board contributing writers that will offer a professional mix of advertising and strategic partnerships with the Business Times. You can look for these columns, beginning with this edition, where the authors will offer advice and expertise on a wide variety of topics from real estate to business coaching to marketing to webpage design and implementation.

Speaking of webpages, have you checked out thebusinesstimes.com lately? You should. We’ve completely revamped the website to allow for every story we publish in the paper to be placed online in a searchable, quality format — that even allows for reader comments. Better yet, our readers can now “keep up with the times” in between editions as we can publish stories as soon as we have them completed, adding to our value as the definitive source of business news in the valley.

For those who’ve never subscribed to the paper, kindly allow me to appeal to you … appetite! For 2011, new subscribers can take a client to lunch or dinner on us at the Dream Café, Dos Hombres or the Rockslide. See the ad in this paper or look us up online for more information. And yes, I’ll be adding something tasty for our subscribers who renew as well.

As for our advertisers, the real lifeblood of the Business Times, our base continues to grow as we have kept our pricing the same for 2011 — while many of our competitors are raising theirs.

As our readership shows continued growth, our advertisers can reach even more of the most-desired group of consumers that the Business Times reaches twice a month. We provide advertising opportunities at cost-effective rates that still allow your company to use other forms of media in a well-rounded advertising and marketing program. To be frank, I don’t know how to sell or provide advertising advice or products any other way. Let’s take some time in the new year to talk about how the Business Times and your company can succeed in this economy. We’ve never been better positioned, and we’d love for your company to join us!

So send me your thoughts: Good, bad or indifferent, nothing shows me more that what we’re doing is working. And if you feel compelled to call me an idiot, hey, thanks for reading!