Pitched battle likely to intensify to defend small business against intrusions

For too long, America’s small business owners have been deliberately ignored by a federal government that’s elbowed its way into their affairs, essentially becoming an undesirable partner in their operations. Their earnest pleas for affordable health care for their families and employees went unanswered, as did their calls for tax reform and less regulation, red […]

Wisconsin governor sets an example in taking a stand against labor unions

It takes a lot of courage to start a small business. It takes even more courage to stick with it during tough times like these when the nation’s financial structure is wobbling, uncertainty fills the air and even the basic principles of free enterprise are questioned by anti-business politicians. Although the sinking economy has threatened […]

Small business model could help prevent economic train wreck

 Although the presidential campaign is increasingly clogging the nation’s news outlets with partisan tit for tat, there’s a nasty political struggle in Europe these days that should be getting equal air time for it could affect Americans’ lives even more than November’s election results.  Across the Atlantic, some nations are facing bankruptcy. Unemployment is rising, […]

Small firms struggling as they wait in tax limbo

  The IRS needs money. It’s struggling to get by on about $12 billion a year, an agency official told Congress, warning that insufficient funding prevents adequate enforcement. The result is a $400 billion “tax gap” caused by some taxpayers under-reporting what they owe.  Washington’s solution? Give revenuers more money. But a better use of […]

Timely tips offered to bring needed relief to a taxing burden

Long hours and hard work comes with owning a small business. Few entrepreneurs would have it any other way. It’s the price they pay to live their American dreams.  But not everyone welcomes overtime and extra effort to get the job done. The IRS, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson reported to Congress recently, is suffering […]

Business sets example for government to follow

President Barack Obama is preparing, once again, to ask Congress to raise the federal debt ceiling — this time for an additional $1.2 trillion to feed the ever-mushrooming federal government debt.  Any American small business owner who asked a bank to borrow money this way — always asking for more while not proving any ability […]

SBA offers range of services to new and growing businesses

A new year offers the perfect time to dream about the future and set new goals and resolutions. If your plans include starting a new business, the best place to start is with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The agency remains committed to providing access and opportunity to Americans who are — or who want […]

Measure offers promise to clean up regulatory mess

While creeping along in holiday traffic on the way to grandma’s house for the holidays, take comfort that despite detours and fender benders, you’ll eventually get there. For millions of American small business owners, arrival at their final destination — success — is not assured. The way is often blocked by complex federal regulations and […]