Give thanks where it’s due: small business owners

Politicians are fond of talking about the importance of small businesses. They frequently point out that small businesses create jobs and constitute the backbone of our economy. They’re right about that.  However, politicians sometimes underestimate how powerful small business is in shaping our way of life and looking out for our freedoms. This influence is […]

Businesses striking out with health care reforms

 Imagine a World Series where players aren’t allowed to swing their bats and instead strike out just for stepping up to the plate. That’s how American small business owners trying to create jobs will feel in 2014 when a provision of President Barack Obama’s health care law gets underway.   The passage of the Patient Protection […]

Small business group likely to get its day in high court

A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s health care law has arrived at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. This terrible, costly law is not only bad policy — utterly failing to deliver on its promises of reducing health-care costs — it adds insult to injury by overstepping its boundaries and entirely […]

Regulatory step too far forces litigious response

Small business owners aren’t usually the litigious type. In fact, the word “lawsuit” usually raises the hair on an entrepreneur’s neck, as one frivolous suit can threaten the very existence of their business and, therefore, destroy their livelihood. However, every person and every group has its limits. And when the government goes a step too […]