More effective option sought from tax code

Small business owners are rightly proud of their reputation as job creators. But their ability to create jobs is considerably complicated by the federal tax code burden they face. Today’s federal tax code is so complex and unfair that fully 91 percent of business owners surveyed recently by the National Federation of Independent Business said […]

Small business week good time to sound off

 Originally a celebration to honor those of you who truly built your own businesses, National Small Business Week is often hijacked by politicians who care little about what you do. You’ll hear many flattering phrases like “champions of free enterprise” and “backbone of the economy.” Don’t be fooled. Not every elected official who pats you […]

Young entrepreneurs offer hope for the future

American small businesses aren’t growing, hiring, borrowing or expanding as they should be. Their owners have almost no confidence Washington can stop runaway federal spending or balance the government’s budget. Worried and uncertain over what the future might hold, these usually optimistic entrepreneurs grow more cautious by the day. Their fears and uncertainty when it […]

Tax day brings winners and losers

The good news is that business is terrific right now for the professionals paid to prepare tax returns. The bad news is that the tax code that ensures their success weighs down an essential sector of job creation: small business.  Fully 91 percent of small business owners surveyed recently by the National Federation of Independent […]

Small businesses need political leadership that’s good enough to be true

Most of us were taught as children that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Those who own and run their own businesses are particularly mindful of this age-old truth. That’s why many small business owners and economists alike expressed skepticism when the federal government announced the U.S. unemployment rate had […]

Poster rule poster child for government run amok

As election day approaches, small business owners are beginning to attract lots of notice, especially from vote-seeking candidates who express admiration for their ability to create jobs and keep the nation’s economy afloat. But when these hard-working entrepreneurs become the center of attention for federal bureaucrats, it’s time to start worrying. While many view the […]

Make the most of time: Tell Congress to avoid the “cliff”

Hard work. Long hours. That’s reality for America’s small business owners. You know what it takes, and you know who built your businesses. You also know that time is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t get second chances. Between now and Dec. 31 — except for important holidays, family events and religious observances […]

Small business vote makes a big difference

It seems like Washington can’t agree on anything these days, except maybe one thing: small business. It seems everyone in Washington loves small business — or pretends they do. If you watch the news or listen to the ads, you’ll hear candidates on both sides of the aisle vow to help small businesses grow and […]

Statements not surprising, but still shocking, to small business owners

America’s small business owners were shocked and angered when the president of the United States recently diminished their sacrifices and contributions to the building of our nation. But few expressed surprise. They realized long ago that President Barack Obama views them merely as funders for his plans to expand federal government.   “If you’ve got a […]

Potential for tax increases only adds to uncertain business climate

 President Barack Obama’s politically based move to block the extension of crucial, soon-to-expire tax provisions will have very real consequences for small businesses. His decision to increase taxes on all Americans who earn more than $250,000 — small business owners in particular — will affect the very businesses in the best positions to create jobs.  […]

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