New realities for businesses and health care

On September 19 the Chamber is hosting a workshop for businesses on the new health care law, courtesy of Chamber member Hoskin, Farina and Kampf.  While there is a lot of trepidation on the part of businesses these days over what the future may hold, this is the one law that is generating the most […]

Future Workforce Critical for Future Business Success

How is the Grand Junction Chamber helping businesses in the Valley address their many workforce needs? Realizing that a skilled workforce is our most valuable resource for existing businesses and those wishing to expand, we have several efforts underway. The Mesa County Business Education Foundation, a stand-alone foundation created by the Chamber almost twenty years […]

Disney had it right years ago: It’s a small world

It’s been years since I took my toddlers to Disney World and rode that ride with them accompanied by the song that just won’t leave your head once you’ve heard it.  In that decade or so, the small world has gotten even smaller and it has an impact on our economy in Grand Junction, both […]

Celebrate small business week May 20th

In Mesa County it is all about small businesses…in fact we are almost all small businesses using the definition of the Small Business Administration (SBA) which is a company with less than 500 employees or $10 million in sales. In 2008, the most recent year for which census statistics were available, the State of Colorado […]

The Mesa County Economic Development Plan

It was just over a year ago when many organizations in the community, including the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce came together to begin formulating a county economic development plan.  From the very beginning, a major tenant of the process was that this was to be a community driven process, not one dictated by […]

Free online resources offer tools for success

The staff at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce recently attended a conference of chamber professionals to recharge our batteries and get ideas on how to serve businesses even better in 2012.  While at the conference, I visited some old friends with which the chamber has partnered for years and rediscovered why the Grand […]

Keeping an eye on consumer trends

                 I am a firm believer in horizon scanning…looking ahead at how the world is changing.  Once I know this I can position the Chamber for future opportunities and position the organization to weather challenges.  One of my major sources of information for this exercise is   […]

New Year’s resolutions for small businesses

I have to admit it…I am a terrible failure at keeping New Year’s resolutions.  I’m pretty good at making them as I can always sees areas for personal improvement that need a bit of attention but keeping them…not a chance. My hope is that as I share some potential New Year’s Resolutions for businesses in […]

And the Survey Says…

          Over four years ago when the Grand Valley economy started to go south I began getting questions about how local businesses were being affected and how they viewed what was happening. Trying to accurately reflect what over 1,000 predominately small business owners and managers were thinking was a daunting task. […]