Beware bogus unemployment claims

Along with the rise in unemployment insurance claims associated with the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been an increase in fraudulent claims as well as other instances of fraud and identity theft.  Brian Krebs, a security news researcher, reported criminal organizations recruited unemployed people to receive direct deposits from fraudulent transactions and then forward the bulk of illicit […]

Workplace leaders foster either teamwork or division

Regardless of the size of the organization you work with or your title, leadership either creates exceptional teams or divides employees. As a leader, it’s up to you which legacy you leave behind. Extraordinary leaders understand diversity in team members creates opportunities to succeed. Crucial business decisions come from collaboration with those with which you […]

Different generations require different recruiting strategies

Members of new generations — including Millennials aged 24 to 27 and Generation Z under 24 — value diversity, flexibility, different environments and both individual tasks and team projects in the workplace. While we know what they’re looking for, the question remains: How do we attract new generations to join our firms? How do we […]

Face the unemployment insurance challenge

When an employer opens a quarterly statement of benefit charges and discovers the unemployment insurance account was docked for a claim from an employee who quit more than a year before, anger and confusion usually result. It’s not an unusual scenario. ABC Company hires an employee only to have the employee quit for one reason […]