Developing efforts move employees forward

Waking up on Jan. 2, I doubt any of us dreamed we’d face the environment we face today, the challenges facing businesses in particular and society as a whole. We’ve faced serious health risks before. And any time people interact, conflicts can arise. Recent events have made it clear, though, of the necessity to realign […]

Conflict: Friend or foe for business?

Conflict isn’t all bad, especially when it comes to clearing the air and promoting innovation. If properly handled, conflict can lead to increased trust in working relationships and improved processes. If businesses mishandle conflict, though, it could hurt the workplace. Poor communication hinders productivity and morale and fosters distrust. If managers lack training in how […]

Background checks help businesses safeguard assets

For most businesses, human capital constitutes their most expensive asset, an investment owners and managers must administer wisely. If you were shopping for a vehicle for your outside sales department, you’d likely research reliability and safety reports as well as review the repair history. The same holds true for human capital. Every business wants competent, honest […]