With wellness programs, engaging efforts pay off

Type workplace wellness benefits into your favorite internet search engine and you’ll likely discover a long list of conflicting articles that either claim wellness programs don’t work or they increase productivity, reduce turnover and cut costs. While it’s true check-the-box and outdated programs fail to deliver, well-designed programs unlock these great benefits — if employees […]

Invest in your team: Offer a wellness program

If you root for a favorite sports team, you likely appreciate the role sports medicine plays in athletic performance. Your team not only treats injuries, but also provides athletes with the nutritional, physical and psychological recommendations required to prevent injury and preserve long-term health and well-being. While it’s obvious why sports teams invest in the […]

Take time to clear up email confusion

I love email. It’s convenient, efficient and often saves me from lengthy meetings. But my relationship with email also can be toxic at times. When I’m particularly busy, the ping notifying me I’ve received a new message can trigger a surge in my pulse as I anticipate a problem or another demand on my time. […]

Stories offer healthy endings in inspiring change

If you don’t have a workplace wellness program, imagine for a moment you do. Your coordinator decides to run a campaign about the importance of exercise and good nutrition in preventing diabetes and give away exercise and food journals to support healthy behaviors. Now, consider the following two scenarios. Scenario 1: You spot a poster […]

Tap the power of discomfort

Here in Colorado, we enjoy the majestic beauty of mountains all around, including more than 50 peaks that jut into the sky to more than 14,000 feet in elevation. Many people, including myself, consider it a gift to climb these “14ers.” I didn’t always enjoy climbing, though. In fact, until about 10 years ago, I […]

The truth about food: Books separate fact from fiction

Have you ever wanted to know the truth about food? Lucky for you, I read the 750-page book on the subject so you wouldn’t have to. Lucky for me, Dr. David Katz, founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, earned degrees in medicine, public health and nutrition and sorted through thousands of peer-reviewed studies […]

Change made simple: Small steps and routines help

I recently was reminded by a friend who serves on the board of a cherished non-profit to donate to the cause. I’d intended to donate months ago, but never got around to it. My neglect wasn’t a matter of lack of motivation. I love this organization and the important work it does for children. I […]

In employees we trust: Cultivate a culture of trust

Ernest Hemingway wrote: “The way to make people trustworthy is to trust them.” The sentiment is simple, but true — especially in the workplace. When managers trust employees, employees tend to rise to the level of those expectations. According to the results of research conducted by Paul J. Zak, founding director of the Center for […]

Tired of feeling tired? There’s help for that

Have you ever put off sleep to knock out just one more item on your to-do list? If so, your choice likely backfired. It turns out our brains have lists of their own that can only be tackled while we’re asleep. Robbing our brains of enough time to perform these tasks not only impedes our […]

Play by new rules to gain an advantage

If you run a thriving business, it’s likely due in large part to the ways you care for your customers. You probably monitor such things as customer reviews, net promoter scores and social media posts to understand what your customers think and feel. Perhaps you’ve developed customized messaging for different market segments or customer personas […]

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