Car wash and detailing service opens

ColorAuto, a car wash and detailing shop that offers a range of services, has opened in Grand Junction.

Located at 2486 Commerce Blvd., Suite C, ColorAuto operates a large service area to wash and detail cars out of the sun. The large bay also accommodates larger vehicles and boats. And specialized hydraulic lifts accommodate motorcycle undercarriage detailing.

In addition to a basic hand wash, ColorAuto offers exterior and interior detailing, waxing, scratch removal, black plastic and headlight restorations, dent repairs and oxidation removal.

“Opening ColorAuto is a dream come true. I have always loved working with cars and the way a car feels when it is freshly detailed,” said owner Paul Heckman. “A high-quality detailer will treat your car like their own, nitpick every detail and refuse to cut corners on inferior product lines.”

ColorAuto also offers pickup and delivery services. “It is just one more way we can show our customers we are deserving of their trust and that we respect their schedules,” Heckman said.

For more information, call 628-1505 or visit the website at

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