Economic development plan must tap business know-how

Who knows better than business owners and managers what opportunities exist for growth — and what challenges persist to hobble that growth? Fortunately, business owners and managers are expected to play a big role in writing an economic development plan for Mesa County both in terms of responding to an online survey and sharing their […]

Remember: No close dancing or making out under the bleachers

Thank you Mark Udall. Our nation’s collective IQ has been dramatically lowered now that your first original idea since being elected senator is actually being implemented. And here I thought the Democrats just allowed you to present ideas (while doing nothing about them) so you felt good about yourself, all while getting you to vote […]

Business perspective needed at the capitol

Ray Scott has it right. Faced with declining revenues and budget shortfalls in the aftermath of a recession, business owners have had to scale back their operations, establish priorities and make the painful decisions to reduce staffing. Stuck in the same circumstances, Scott believes state government must take a similar approach. As the owner of […]

Here’s hoping a new year really will be a happy one

The calendar changes with the new year. But what about the fortunes of Grand Valley businesses? Will they change, too? The extent to which the new year actually will be happy depends on the answer to that question. Fortunately, the outlook is improving. At least that’s the assessment of three economists who closely monitor business and […]