CMU students place second in national marketing competition

A team of five Colorado Mesa University students placed second in a national marketing competition.

Sara McGuire, William Owen, Jackie Ramsey, Jeff Loveland and Sylvester Thabit competed in the first AT&T Campus Marketing Challenge.

Teams from six universities created marketing and sales agencies for a semester. The students received $3,000 and mobile telephones to implement a marketing plan for AT&T mobility services and the It Can Wait campaign to end texting while driving. The students were responsible for marketing communications, public relations, sales, sponsorships and talent recruitment.

The CMU students and their marketing professor, Tim Hatten, traveled to AT&T headquarters in Dallas to make a 45-minute pitch to executives, including the chief marketing officer and vice president of mobile telecommunications.

The CMU team lost the competition by only three points to a team of graduate students from Missouri State University.

“The talent, dedication and ingenuity of these CMU marketing students serves as a testament to both the high-caliber students studying at CMU and the first-rate education they receive from our faculty,” said CMU President Tim Foster.

Morgan Bridge, head of the business department at CMU agreed. “The creativity, the ability to think outside of the box and the development of a cutting-edge marketing campaign that appeals to the millennial demographic is impressive and a demonstration of the quality of our business students.”

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