ColoradoCare tackles health care problems

Dear Editor:

Your article on the financing of ColoradoCare published on Aug. 10 raised questions about the proposed health care plan. While it makes some fair points, it ignores the larger cost conundrum at stake for Colorado and the United States.

Health care costs keep going up thanks to a long list of factors. They include a lack of emphasis on preventative care, insurance company middlemen, almost no price transparency and the happy march of medical innovation. These are important issues to address, and ColoradoCare tackles three of them. Using a Medicare-like model, it will cover every state resident under an easy-to-use, comprehensive health plan that follows you through life for the same amount of money we’re paying now or less.

Opponents, meanwhile, are fixated on an academic argument between the Amendment 69 campaign and the Colorado Health Institute over whether the operating deficit would be non-existent or merely trivial. But that’s a distraction. However we vote in November, we’ll have to deal with future cost increases. Private insurance premiums will continue to increase on an annual basis, as they do now. The question is this: Do we want to tackle this problem using ColoradoCare, a cheaper and more efficient system under our control? Or should we turn once again to private insurance companies? Judging by the millions they’ve contributed to the ColoradoCare opposition, they seem eager to fail us again.

Marshall A. Martin, Grand Junction

4 Responses to "ColoradoCare tackles health care problems"

  1. Dave Beckwith   August 24, 2016 at 7:40 am

    Anyone who prefers to keep the current broken health insurance system isn’t paying attention to what’s going on in our country. Obamacare has done little to solve the main problem in our healthcare. The cost of insurance is rising at about 9% to 12% a year while wages are rising about 1% on average. ColoradoCare would get the insurance companies and their bureaucracy, waste, high salaries and poor coverage out of our healthcare. It’s no wonder they are contributing millions of dollars to defeat ColoradoCare.

    You owe it to yourself and your fellow Coloradans to learn more about ColoradoCare and vote for it in the November election.

    • G Sauce   September 2, 2016 at 5:04 pm

      I prefer the system to a fatally flawed Amendment to the Colorado Constitution that will devastate the economy and result in waves of sick people from other states flooding the healthcare system.

  2. Jonathan Ward   August 24, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    Speaking as a Colorado physician, I believe we as a profession and we as a state can contain costs in many ways and still provide equal and even improved quality and access. I am voting for Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare) to reduce insurance and administrative costs, limit federal political barriers, reduce fraudulent costs, and ultimately encourage appropriate value based testing and treatments, increase purchasing power for technology and pharmaceuticals, improve efficiency, improve secure shared information, improve patient and provider satisfaction and support health care as a right. Please refer to for additional information.

    • G Sauce   September 2, 2016 at 5:02 pm

      Speaking as a person who pays taxes, if this law passes I am moving. Have fun replacing hips for peanuts.