Got elk? National marketing campaign promotes Colorado hunting

A national marketing campaign will promote elk hunting in Colorado to encourage more hunters to pursue their quarry — and spend their money — in the state.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is testing the effort to not only to increase the sale of elk hunting licenses to manage big game herds, but also bolster the hunting industry.

“The Division of Wildlife’s ability to manage big game for Coloradans and visitors depends on hunters,” said Tom Remington, director of the DOW. “Hunting supports tens of thousands of jobs in dozens of communities across this state. Investing in new ways to encourage hunters to hunt in Colorado is just the smart thing to do.”

The marketing campaign — which will include television, print and Internet components — is set for mid-February through April 5 and expected to reach millions of hunters across the country.

The campaign will direct hunters to a website at that offers information about big game hunting and license applications as well as outfitters and accommodations.

The DOW also has increased its emphasis on customer service, said Tyler Bakersfield, communications manager for the agency. “We’re challenging hunters to ‘elevate their game’ with a Colorado elk hunt, so we’re raising our game in customer service to make the whole experience of hunting in Colorado as enjoyable and as easy as possible.”

The campaign follows a 37,500 decline in Colorado elk hunters over the past five years.

Still, hunting and fishing generate an estimated $1.8 billion a year in Colorado, supporting nearly 21,000 jobs. In five counties, hunting and fishing account for between 5 percent and 12 percent of jobs.

Al White, director of the Colorado Tourism Office, said he supports the campaign. “I’m very excited about the direction the DOW is taking with this approach of actively marketing and soliciting hunters to come to Colorado.”

One Response to "Got elk? National marketing campaign promotes Colorado hunting"

  1. Stephen Pruitt   October 28, 2011 at 4:00 am

    I have been hunting in Colorado for the past two years and my Uncle for  four years ,with no success. Come to find out today the Elk population has been declining I spoke with some locals today and they have told me it is because of the cattle overgrazing their habitat.  They are allowed to graze until Oct 31st.  Now come Jan and FEB there are 1000 tags given to farmers for the crop damage these elk do.  Cow elk are carrying young and are killed because they are starving?  Why isn’t there a refuge or something to help feed and repopulate?  We spend  a lot of money to buy out of state tags every year and not to mention the restaurants and local businesses we visit. I don’t think  we will be coming back to hunt and won’t be recommending any time soon.  Very disappointed to travel so far from Tennessee.   I will go to Montana next year.