Hell hath no fury like a politician scorned

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Yes, I had to weigh in on the controversy swirling around Laura Bradford. For the record, we’ve covered Bradford as both an entrepreneur and state representative over the years. We will continue to do so, no matter the party, or lack thereof, to which she chooses to belong. It’s just that the coverage she receives on this page will indeed be swayed by her actions.

I’ve been following this incident since that fateful night Bradford was pulled over by Denver police in a traffic stop. I can only come to one conclusion. I simply can’t see how things could have been handled worse from every end — except for the calling of an ethics investigation by the Republican leadership in the State House.

Those of you who know me understand I come to this discussion with some knowledge. You see, I’ve failed a roadside sobriety test, albeit more than 20 years ago. And had I known that switching parties and political beliefs could have affected my predetermined conviction, I would have gladly changed from the liberal leanings of my youth to the sensible conservative beliefs and understanding I enjoy today all that much sooner. But I can tell you this: When the cop asked me if and where I’d been drinking, I gave him a straight answer.

I didn’t have to ask the cops — or the judge — to treat me like everyone else. I knew they would and I knew what I was gonna get. And I got it, but good. And that was before things got really tough. I can also tell you that one of the first things I did when I was pulled over was to try to get out of the ticket. I used everything I thought was logical and at my disposal. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

This is where things get interesting with Bradford, after she failed the field sobriety test, from everything I can gather from the numerous sources I’ve read.

Let me state firmly one thing I believe to be true: The only people in the world that can pass a field sobriety test are on the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics team at the peak of their training. It’s simply impossible. So you fail, no matter who you are. So for that failure, I will not convict Bradford.

I will also not convict her just because she had the smell of alcohol on her breath.

But from all the varying screwups, we get Bradford hinting she might become a Democrat. There’s no question the Denver police screwed up, and that they’re covering up. We’ll also probably never know the exact timeline of what happened as there is no report that was written. I don’t know about you, but if I was a cop pulling over someone with legislative plates who committed a traffic violation, drove an extra two blocks after I flipped my flashers and then almost hit a car when finally pulling over, I’m yelling “action” to the onboard camera. After hearing there was a firearm in the vehicle, I would have at least pulled out a private notepad.

As for Bradford, the “treat me like you would anyone else” plea simply doesn’t hold up. Because anyone who has ever failed the sobriety test knows, you’re probably going to jail. This is when she stated she was at a legislative function.

The fact is, Bradford was not at a legislative function. She was at a bar. And for that, she should have been blowing in a tube. Because after all, that is what “everyone else” would have been doing. We’d also be spending the night in jail had we failed.

That brings us to chapter two. Bradford also took the time to tell officers she had to be back in session the next morning. And my best guess is that this is when the officers called their supervisor and how Bradford wanted it. Like I said, the first thing someone does when they get in trouble with the police is to think of a way to get out of it, not be treated like everyone else.

Now we have an ethics panel convening, as it should, and we find out just how mad Bradford is at her boss. Hence the threat to leave, or switch, parties. And folks, the implied threat is switch, since becoming an independent would probably still have her caucusing with Republicans. Bradford has already met with Democrat leaders, so she must be really teed off. And this is where I draw the line on any support I might have had for Bradford in her situation. No, it isn’t because she might turn Democrat. It’s because she ran on a set of conservative values and, in my opinion, she’d sell them out and lead the next parade in support of Roe vs. Wade if she could get back at her boss. If she’d listen, she’d also know she is not serving her constituents with this selfish stunt.

Let’s face the facts: no politician in that situation says they were at a legislative function and have to be back in session first thing in the morning unless they think they’re going to spend the night in jail.

Had you gone to the hoosegow, Laura, you’d still have my vote. As you say on your Web site, that would have at least shown some “conservative sense.”   

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