I’m all a-Twitter about this social media thing

As Captain Kirk might say in our case, “Cyberspace… the Final (next) Frontier. These are the voyages of three guys with nothing better to do (otherwise known as the staff of the Grand Valley Business Times). Its now 15-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations (for three old coffee-ground-chewing, ink-stained newspaper types it’s all new!); to boldly go where no man (darn near everyone, now) has gone before.”

That would be your favorite Grand Valley newspaper getting fully on board with a growing new starship of “Free Enterprise” with a bigger, better Web site now under construction; Twitter, Facebook and blogging for all of our new editions and important updates; and of course, a better quality experience for our readers and advertisers alike.

While we might not have hit cyberspace at warp speed, we’re indeed looking forward to continuing and expanding the business and economic conversation here in Mesa County.

Our new partnership with Kettlewell Enterprises will allow our readers and subscribers to use the Grand Valley Business Times online in many ways not previously available. As the new Web site is completed over the next several weeks, the folks who access it will see major improvements. First and foremost is that every story in our current issue will be available. Secondly, our readers will be able to post comments to add to our stories to keep the conversation going beyond what we have reported — and yes that includes commenting on yours truly’s commentary. There also will be a better way to get your stories to us with an easier-to-use press release format (complete with “how to” information) and we will be building our archives back nearly two years so that our subscribers can research information we have provided from both our staff and list of contributors. Finally, we’ll also have breaking news available to subscription holders in a special tab called “In Between the Times.”

As for Tweeting, you’ll have a place to sign up and follow the Grand Valley Business Times to be consistently updated as to when our new edition is coming out, to access our “In Between the Times” features and where we can seek our readers’ and followers’ insight and input into stories we’re working on. We’ll also link all of our blog and Twitter entries to our ever-growing contact list on Facebook and Linked In, no matter if the post is from Mike, Phil or me.

I realize that our new cyberspace effort could result in some Cling-Ons that might or might not benefit the conversation we hope to impart, but that’s what comes with this new frontier. Besides, we’ve been blessed with knowledgeable readers over the past 15 years who can sort out those that are contributing to the conversation and those who just tribbling about causing trouble.

As time goes on, we’ll provide more and more resources online to benefit our advertisers as well. Ad space soon will be available along with logo links that will take readers directly to our advertisers’ home page. We’ll have specially priced classified ads and a business logo directory. We’ll also provide advertisers and contributors the ability to keep their stories, announcements and articles as part of our permanent archives or for dedicated periods of time.

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It’s my sincere hope as we move forward we can create the best reader experience with our new Web site and social media tools. It’s nearly impossible to believe that when I came to this valley just 10 years ago, we were still doing pasteups and physically driving our photos on disk to Glenwood Springs to publish and print the paper. Now we’re at the point where at the touch of a button we can reach readers all over the world (OK, maybe not the world today, but the world tomorrow?) with our stories and pictures that promote the business and economic conversation as it relates to the Grand Valley. And while I personally have trepidations in approaching what only a few years ago seemed like a black hole, my promise to the good folks who have made this paper a success over the years is simple: I’ll take the helm, shields up and engage this new media and challenge to the best of my abilities, aided with the support of my now ever-expanding crew here at the office and at Kettlewell Enterprises.

So pardon our space dust as we work to move our new “Enterprise” out of its dry dock and get this next generation of the Grand Valley Business Times online experience into orbit. When we’re done with all we’ve planned, we should be light years ahead from whence we came.

But most of all, we’re looking forward to expanding what we do best: providing the best quality, in-depth coverage of Grand Valley business news and information that our readers demand that also gets our advertisers’ products and services in front of the discerning consumers and business clients they’re seeking to reach.

Boldly or not, we’re going!

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or publisher@thebusinesstimes.com.

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