Social media integration and text message marketing

Text (SMS) Message Marketing is a simple, affordable advertising platform that enables small to medium sized businesses to have the same powerful impact that larger companies have been able to leverage for years in traditional advertising efforts. With the massive growth of social media, businesses can now integrate text messaging with the social media platform Facebook, by placing a mobile phone opt-in form on their Fan Page, add to a custom static landing page, or build branded-style, multiple tabbed custom pages that will drive people to your home base; your website. 

            Text Marketing truly provides the adhesive element that businesses need to make a real, visible-connection to online, mobile users and shoppers. And that will ultimately turn into a new client base that drives sales, as well as, retain the already established customer base.

            In the lives of consumers, Social Media like Facebook has become a cornerstone to social interaction as well as prequalification for businesses where they intend to spend hard-earned dollars on products and services. In fact, this revolution has changed how traditional advertising speaks to current customers and prospects.

            Facebook allows companies and service providers a way to learn about their audience and gives them targeted and track-able information that evens the playing field for companies of every size. Facebook can deliver a far greater reach than any other communicative channel offered in today’s marketplace. Now accompany this social media platform with Text Message Marketing and you’ll discover that this personal connection to the consumer drives sales, builds relationships and brings awareness.

            I have a fashion boutique owner as a client who has been established for less than a year. Having to change locations abruptly, the added expense brought a great deal of stress and financial uncertainty. Having been versed in Facebook on a social level, she was trying to utilize the platform for communication to friends about available inventory, having little success. Luckily, prior to the move she had been collecting mobile phone numbers from her customers, who agreed to having offers, promos, and exclusive savings text messaged to them. We had a short strategy consultation on how to build a ‘buzz’ about her company that included strategically-written Facebook postings, text message marketing, and the simple effort of execution. The initial Facebook pitch included her address change and a 75% off blowout sale for the first 100 Facebook likes. This effort was accompanied by a supporting text message that initiated the ‘forward to a friend’ action that drove her sales to an astonishing $800 in less than a four hour time period. The question from the young businesswoman was, “Can I do this everyday?” The answer is simple, “Yes!”

            There are many more options and strategies to using Facebook and text marketing together to build your business. All of which are measurable by current network users, potential impressions, confirmed impressions, engagement by content and mentions by audience. It’s imperative that you talk to an expert for a consultation to see how your business can grow with these technologies.

            The conclusion is that if you’re business needs to make more money and stay consistent year around, at an affordable price, Social Media and text message marketing will make a difference, shed new light and bring excitement to your business. Start building your social and text database today to insure a healthy return this holiday season…. Plus start the New Year out with a bang!