Violating the Second Amendment isn’t something a citizen can do

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

This is a column I simply don’t want to write. But since it keeps happening, I have to do it again. It’s hard to believe we’ve had another school massacre in the news — especially one with as many incredible, unbelievable details and characters that have emerged.

I won’t give the perpetrator any mention. He deserves none. Regardless of his mental condition  — one he was well-aware of since he tried to call in the authorities on himself — or any other problems he had, this man broke criminal laws. And the laws he broke have been on the books and added to the books since the start of society. And none of those laws have anything to do with the Second Amendment.

So let’s start with the Second Amendment. Like all the other amendments, the founders’ biggest mistake was putting them into writing in the Bill of Rights. Since before the ink dried on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, people have been trying to work around them or lessen them any way they can to suit their own ends. Here’s why. Since the Bill of Rights was written by man, it could be interpreted those rights come from man and therefore can be taken away by man — especially those in Washington, D,C. This simply isn’t true.

Our unalienable rights come from nature’s God. Read and study the Declaration of Independence and how important knowing what this term means. Because without the declaration, there’s no Constitution. Our unalienable rights can’t be taken or limited by the federal government. No politician or judge in Washington has any power to take away your arms in any way, shape or form. The Constitution states it’s illegal for the federal government to take away arms.

That is a fact we continue to ignore as a country. Worse, we let the same folks in D.C. who continually say “We have to do something” and have actually done nothing — remember, bump stocks are still legal after the Las Vegas massacre — continue to take away our rights while making speeches and passing law after law that has no effect on anything. No, D.C. politicos, you have no power to do anything. I wish the people could come to grips with that.

So let’s look at this from a state and local perspective. I personally don’t believe these folks have a right to take away our arms, but I do recognize laws have been passed that limit them. Now. let’s not make that a giant contradiction. Let me explain.  Remember the movie “Tombstone?” Well, guns were illegal in town, but that law didn’t prevent anyone from owning a gun. No one can do that. That was also a different time, and having guns in that atmosphere ended up with bad things happening. I say this because I can hear the Chicago argument coming. To me, the empirical evidence in Chicago shows outlawing firearms makes a terrible situation even worse. My solution for that city would be quite different.

What about the mentally ill and violent felons, you ask? Well, the feds are the reason we can’t do what we used to do to prevent the mentally ill from getting their hands on firearms. So perhaps we can start there. As for violent felons? I agree. Simply a guy who stole grand worth of stuff and did his time and was released? Nope. That person should have a gun should they choose. Especially in Chicago, Detroit or D.C.

In addition, I don’t believe the Second Amendment gives you the right to carry a gun anywhere you want. I believe property rights overrule that right. They don’t overrule your right to keep and bear arms. But if someone, or any entity, says you can’t have a firearm on their property — even the proven to never work “gun free zone” signs — that’s the end of discussion. Oh, and you should be arrested if you break that law by not leaving upon request. Your right in these cases are to go elsewhere or not. But that’s up to you. Just know the risks. Evidence continues to show criminals go where they’ll encounter the least resistance, with gun-free zones at the forefront. People might not like it, but it’s true. Maybe it’s time for “gun welcome zone” signs.

Here’s how I read the Second Amendment. BECAUSE the government needs an army under its authority to protect the country, the people need arms to defend themselves in case that army is ordered into enforcing tyranny. After all, isn’t that EXACTLY why and how we became the United States? Before you start in, name someone you know who owns a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, F-15 or a nuke. No one does. So stop it.

I don’t want anyone murdered in any way ever again. Murder is illegal. And we also have myriad criminal laws against what led up to this massacre. It’s time we enforce them — not dismiss or avoid them — and to arrest, detain or commit people we know to be a provable, societal threat.

Had the local and federal authorities done this, there’d be no column today. This was a crime, not a Second Amendment violation. The blame and solutions should be addressed accordingly.

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  1. 93XLT   March 1, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Very well stated, I completely agree.