Masterful networking starts by asking the right questions

Have you ever experienced the awkward silence that often ensues after first meeting a fellow business person in the networking arena? The conversation usually goes something like this: Fellow Networker: “So what do you do?” You: “I work with property investors in maintaining their portfolios.” Fellow Networker: “Wow, that sounds fun, I’m a web designer.” […]

Are you building an empowered team?

If you want to be happier and more successful in business, it’s imperative that you, as the leader, consistently work toward building a dynamic and powerful team. This is accomplished by putting motivated and skilled individuals in place and then working with them to use more of their tremendous potential on a consistent basis. This […]

What the new tax legislation actually means for you

Proper tax planning and good tax strategy will help reduce your current tax bill and gain a little more control over your financial destiny. While many people don’t think about their taxes until March or April, it’s a good idea to start now. The recently enacted 2010 Tax Relief Act gives 95 percent of working […]

Five rules for measuring portfolio performance

A new year offer a time to reflect on the past year, but evaluating investment performance can be complicated.  What questions should investors ask of their investment managers? A systematic evaluation clears up the misperception that it doesn’t matter how they invest the money. Money might not be earning what it should, particularly for the […]

Got HR questions? Staffing service professional has answers

Here’s another installment in an ongoing series of interviews published in the Business Times in a question-and-answer format. Here, Nina Anderson, owner of the Express Employment Professionals staffing service in Grand Junction and president of the Western Colorado Human Resource Association, interviews Jack Smalley, a senior human resources director with Express Employment Professionals. Smalley will […]

Marketing: Develop a plan, start it now and stick to it

As business owners, marketing takes up a great deal of our time and often becomes a great challenge as we move our businesses forward. Often when I’m consulting with a new client, they find their marketing challenges “hard” and often push them aside because the idea of unraveling the marketing puzzle is daunting. Unfortunately, no […]

Just like a new puppy, websites need care

Remember when the family decided to get a puppy? They’re soooo adorable! The family was so excited to have one. You did your homework and got a puppy that was allergy free, didn’t shed and was a kid friendly breed. When you went to pick up the cute little tyke, you just knew at first […]

Watch out for misclassified workers — Uncle Sam is

Many small business owners try to “save money” by paying their workers as independent contractors when they should have been classified as employees. With low state and federal revenue in 2009-2010, the government entities want their money and are aggressively pursuing businesses that are misclassifying workers. Here’s some information to keep you and your business […]

Are you playing a game you can’t win?

In my two previous columns, I shared powerful tools to help you become a far more effective communicator. By using these tools on a consistent basis, you’ll enhance your communication skills and ability to create greater understanding between you and those in your life and business. With greater understanding comes the opportunity to identify any […]

How Do YOU Communicate?

In my previous column, I uncovered the ways in which we sabotage our listening, and I explained how to become an effective listener, as well as the benefits of doing so. If you have taken on the task of developing and improving your listening skills, you are probably amazed at how often you find yourself […]