Slow growth better than no growth at all

Everyone tired of the well-worn phrase “challenging economic times” probably won’t like much better the latest description of growth in business revenues and hiring that’s, in a word, “slow.” But that’s the adjective that keeps coming up when economists and business owners talk about the economy. It’s little wonder the recovery doesn’t feel like much […]

Informed public depends on informed news media

In the media business, the old saying “don’t shoot the messenger” applies in cases in which outlets report news people might not want to hear. But in several recent instances in the Grand Valley, much of the media didn’t have the chance to decide whether or not to pass along the messages because they never […]

Monumental change well worth considering

Informed people can disagree over whether or not to change the Colorado National Monument to a national park. But it’s difficult to argue the monument doesn’t deserve national park designation — or at least a serious consideration of that possibility. Regardless of how familiar the experience, a trip over Rim Rock Drive as it snakes […]

Economy improving, but patience required

Economic forecasts are lot like … well, opinions, in that it seems everyone has one. Nonetheless, there’s a growing consensus economic conditions are improving in the Grand Valley and that light at the end of the tunnel might not be a train after all. As usual, though, there are caveats. And still more patience likely […]

A chance to reconsider economic development

Economic development is in one sense an evolutionary process. The business of attracting new businesses and jobs constantly changes, in large part because of changing markets and economic circumstances. The situation has been no different for the Grand Junction Economic Partnership and its predecessor organization. Formed in 1980s in the aftermath of the oil shale […]

Democrats force the pieces in redistricting jigsaw puzzle

Every 10 years, Colorado legislators must assemble the complicated jigsaw puzzle that is congressional redistricting. Using information from the latest Census results, state lawmakers have to apportion the population evenly among the congressional districts in the state. In the process, lawmakers also must strive to meet a lengthy list of other objectives. They must try […]

Why don’t you write us?

Nobody appreciates more the hectic pace business owners and managers maintain in running their operations, all the while striving to make time for family and personal pursuits. Nonetheless, we’d like to suggesting one more thing for them to do: share their views. More specifically, we’d like them to share their views with this publication in […]

This energetic message delivered loud and clear

The same message comes through loud and clear every year at the Energy Expo & Forum in Grand Junction. Energy demand is expected to continue its steep upward climb in the United States and rapidly developing economies around the world. Not counting oil, natural resources are available to keep pace with demand. But regulations and […]