I could make a wish list, but I’d rather say thanks

Well folks, another year has come and is almost gone. I don’t know the reasons why this year seems like it’s been speed-of-light faster than previous years. Maybe it’s because I have a daughter driving and a year and a half away from completing high school. Maybe it’s because my little one is now a […]

Lessons learned from 57 varied years

Since our last printing, I turned another page on my calendar of life. I’ve survived 57 years on this planet — some of those years long, some of them hard and some of them that simply disappeared in their speed and with all of the craziness and drama with which they came. Like the ketchup, […]

No matter who we elect, the perils to freedom persist

By the time this column is published and distributed, we’ll know exactly who the enemy is and who we need to fear once they take their elected positions in our local, state and federal governments. Enemy, Craig? Really? Yes, really. Here’s why. As I looked over the ballots locally and across the country, I saw […]