Arrgh: There’s a better way to have your cake, matey

So if it’s Tuesday, we must be in Colorado — and its draconian “public accommodation” laws being forced upon people by the biggest bully on the block: the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC). And this can only mean one thing in our state: Another attempt to destroy the evil Cap’n Jack Phillips and his rogue […]

Do we really want politics to rule (and ruin) our days?

My last column begged the question, “Do we really want every relationship to be based on politics?” In other words, do we only want to associate with people and maintain business relationships with folks who think exactly the same way we do? Since it’s impossible for someone to think exactly as you do (and thank […]

Inalienable rights for me, but not thee

I’m beginning to wonder. What stories will our kids tell their kids? Will it be ones of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker? Because these days it feels more like the baker and the red hen faker. Is this really the point we’re at in our country? While you might have a differing […]