504 Loan Refinancing Program

Temporary 504 Loan Refinancing for Eligible Small Business Assets Under the Jobs Act. Special to The Business Times from the SBA Market research shows that a large percentage of commercial mortgages outstanding are set to mature within the next few years, particularly those held by community banks. As real estate values have declined, however, even […]

What is a Laser?

By William D. Merkel, MD Special to The Business Times             People know the word “laser” as a household (even a universal) term, often without the knowledge as to what a laser is. The definition as a noun, in the world of physics, is that a laser is a device […]

The technology of office furniture

Special to The Business Times from Office Outfitters  My computer is broken,” “the server is down,” and “there is no wireless connectivity” are words that strike fear in the hearts of today’s business owner. Work cannot continue without being connected. The onslaught of technology and the need for connectivity has made an impact in the […]

The Power and Benefit of Technology

by Jeff Nichols, CEO of Mesa Developmental Services           When you think of things that assist people with disabilities to be more independent, you probably think of traditional devices such as wheelchairs, service animals, flashing alarm clocks and smoke detectors for  people with hearing  impairments, curb cuts and ramps for people […]

Preparing today’s student for tomorrow’s technology

Special to The Business Times from WCCC           Understanding technology and how it works in today’s workforce is more important than ever. Western Colorado Community College is dedicated to preparing students for the modern business world, and uses state-of-the-art technology to give students practical experience using equipment and software they will […]

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Special to The Business Times from St. Mary’s   Hyperbaric chambers are not just the stuff of deep-sea diving. At St. Mary’s pressurized hyperbaric oxygen chambers deliver 100 percent oxygen to patients to help difficult wounds heal. The hospital provides outpatient, nonemergency hyperbaric oxygen therapy primarily to patients with wounds that have not responded to […]

Preplanning funeral helps loved ones

By preplanning, you are relieving your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and emotion,” says Abel Chavez, of Callahan-Edfast Mortuary, “At this time, many loved ones may not be thinking clearly, and many, quite frankly, just overspend.”             Preneed services allow someone to meet with counselors in […]

Estate planning in 2012

2012 is an important year for people planning their estates. Changes in the law are coming at us fast and furious from both the Colorado legislature and from Congress. For example, $5,000,000 is exempt from federal gift and estate taxes. For a married couple up to $10,000,000 can be exempt. For wealthy clients this is […]