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Tracking or contributing, CMU economic news good

Colorado Mesa University not only tracks regional indicators of economic performance, but also contributes substantially itself to the Western Colorado economy. The news on both counts is encouraging. Stories in this issue of the Business Times report on an economic forecast forum conducted at CMU in Grand Junction as well as the latest results of […]

Denver Public Schools strike offers real teachable moment

I know I shouldn’t touch this, but some days and some times just call for someone to say something. Isn’t that one of core problems when it comes to teachers and their pay? Unless it’s overflowing with worship, commentary is simply no longer allowed. I know nearly every time I make a statement on social […]

So what’s blocking you from getting things done?

Writer’s block. I shudder to type those words, fearful the very act could provoke a self-fulfilling prophecy. At least my column would offer brevity, although not necessarily enlightenment. That’s opposed to the usual — verbosity, although not necessarily enlightenment. In case you haven’t deduced it already, writers can be a superstitious lot. We attribute success […]

It’s a taxing time of year

’Tis the season. Tax filing season, that is. Between now and April 15, the work will continue to sort through records, do the math and fill out forms. According to one estimate, business taxpayers spend an average of 24 hours completing federal income tax returns — a total that includes record keeping, tax planning and […]

The state of our union is disunion because that’s how some want it

Yeah. And they’re mostly negative. And not just because I occasionally listen to Glenn Beck and his end times ministry to sell stuff. These are actually things I see and surmise for myself. As my freedom bone must disclose, they’re simply listed here and they’re completely voluntary to be read, agreed to and certainly will […]

The good, the bad and the ugly: Bosses teach a variety of lessons

I’ve worked for a lot of bosses, both good and bad. Who hasn’t? It’s a universal constant of the workplace, no less immutable than gravity. Maybe my experience is a bit different in that my good bosses have outnumbered the bad. What’s more, I’ve never faced the prospect of quitting a job that became so […]

Grand Valley no Silicon Valley, but tech sector growing

The Grand Valley might not rival Silicon Valley in terms of the overall economic output of innovative technology companies. But there’s ample anecdotal evidence of a growing tech sector locally involved in work unrivaled anywhere in California — or elsewhere, for that matter. By evidence, consider if nothing else the increasing number of stories published […]

The competency paradox: Know-it-alls seldom do

I strive with every issue of the Business Times to shower readers with my wit and wisdom. I’m almost always successful. In fact, I’m something of an expert when it comes to writing newspaper columns. Yeah, right. If nothing else, I’m realistic enough to know what I don’t know about writing newspaper columns — or […]

The road less traveled by has made all the difference in promoting small business

When I became regional administrator at the U.S. Small Business Administration, I never would have imagined the many positive experiences and challenges I’ve encountered during my visits across the Rocky Mountain region. Twelve months, six states and nearly 10,000 miles later, I’ve taken the road less traveled by and learned the small business vitality of […]

For a newspaper editor, deadlines add up to milestones

I keep a three-ring binder in a desk drawer at work. The binder contains lists of stories that have appeared in the Business Times — one page for each issue. There are exactly 597 pages crammed into the binder, a paper weight that totals nearly 8 pounds. I share this information not so much to […]


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