When the going gets tough, the tough write roundup columns

At the risk of losing both my newspaper columnist certificate suitable for framing and secret decoder ring, it’s time to divulge yet another trick of the trade. Alert readers might recall my helpful column about dealing with writer’s block. When columnists believe they’re suffering from writer’s block and can’t think of anything to write about, […]

Tech and rec an important economic combination

There’s the potential for what might be called tech and rec to play increasingly important roles in the Grand Valley economy. One thing has everything to do with the other. Tech firms — including advanced manufacturing and software companies — have grown and earned recognition in the process. Wren Industries constitutes a notable example as […]

Acting out a role too far for Democrats

The news cycle this past weekend consisted of two of the most worthless, diverting and idiotic stories the media has ever tried to foist upon the American people: Donald Trump saying the word nasty and changing how his hair looked. And the acting related to them is off the charts. Think about that. This is […]

Pilots and climbers and jocks, oh my: What businesses can learn from overachievers

If nothing else, I’ve learned over the past 20 years successful entrepreneurs have a lot to teach business owners and managers. It’s why I remain hell-bent as editor of the Business Times to report stories about entrepreneurs, the needs they recognize in the marketplace and innovative ways they go about meeting those needs. For one […]