Economic lining less dark with dropping jobless rates

The dark lining of the silver cloud of economic recovery in Mesa County has long been labor conditions. The frequent lament was Mesa County lagged behind other areas of  Colorado with higher unemployment rates and slower job growth. Not anymore. According to the latest estimates from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the seasonally […]

The benefits of pursuing government contracts

There’s some satisfaction that occurs when a plan comes together. Just ask those of a certain age who used to watch the “A Team” on television back in the early 1980s and eagerly listened for the catchphrase of the cigar-chomping leader of team, Col. “Hannibal” Smith. But there’s also something to be said for serendipity […]

Big goals and good habits both contribute to success

My goals for the Business Times remain pretty much the same for every issue. Tell engaging stories. Illustrate those stories with compelling photographs. Edit copy and design pages in a way that makes the paper easy to read. The overarching goal also remains unchanged: provide information that adds value to the lives of readers and, […]

It’s actually no secret: Work force help available

Of all the attributes describing the Mesa County Workforce Center in Grand Junction, Curtis Englehart would love nothing more than to eliminate one — best-kept secret. As director of the center, Englehart wants everyone to know about the programs and resources offered there. That’s especially the case for business owners and managers who could use […]

Even if they’re not broke, most things need fixing

I’ve been living a lie, although I suspect everyone knew the truth anyway. I’m talking, of course, about the photograph that accompanies this column. What were you thinking about? Alert readers, and even those less observant, will notice the image is different. Really different. That’s because I’m 60, not 43. And unlike those seemingly ageless […]

Count on health care and air travel as blessings

Grand Valley business owners counting their blessings can add two more items to what’s likely lengthy lists —  an expanding health care industry and a regional airport with improving facilities and more connections. This issue of the Business Times covers both those items in stories reporting the opening of a medical center at the Colorado […]