News both good and bad in reporting pandemic effects

There’s encouraging and discouraging news about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses in the latest economic indicators and survey results. As is usually the case with complex and changing situations, it’s a mix that requires a more nuanced consideration. It’s not necessarily rocket science, but more like common sense. If the implications weren’t […]

Listen up, or run the risk of missed opportunities

I’ve always considered myself a good listener. I’m a listener by trade, in fact. A big part of my job is to pose questions and listen to the answers. It’s crucial not only in accurately gathering and reporting information, but also discerning when even more important information might be available for the asking. I long […]

Low COVID cases affirm reason to assert rights

by Marilyn M. Barnewall Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has publicly admitted — to his credit — the statistics he was given by health authorities are wrong.  About 33 percent fewer Coloradans have been stricken with COVID-19 than reported. Given the statistics for the West Slope, it’s evident why a lot of people think closing down […]

Small cities poised to thrive in aftermath of pandemic

Every city in America faces risks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Many cities are cutting budgets and hunkering down. Perhaps the number of coronavirus cases in their cities warrants this move. Top-tier cities have taken a hit to their allure as restaurants, museums and other cultural amenities close. As we look across the […]

Metaphorically speaking, a kiss is more than a kiss

I once worked for a weekly agricultural journal in Oregon. Along with cows and plows, I occasionally covered the State Legislature. I used to joke — and, to be honest, also complain  —  the boredom of covering long committee hearings was interrupted only by the tedium. The exception was covering a House committee chaired by […]

Free market essential in pandemic response

The coronavirus pandemic has demanded worldwide attention for months. As this is written, draconian actions implemented by states and the federal government remain in place to stem the spread of this unseen enemy. But when the virus no longer poses a deadly threat and there’s time to reflect on what happened, the free market will […]