Apply more horsepower to cut health care costs

As usual, William Shakespeare had it right all along. In the Shakespeare play “Richard III,” the king yells, “A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!” Although written more than 400 years ago, the phrase remains relevant to this day in describing situations in which the absence of little things can make a big […]

In economic development race, tortoises beat hares

There’s a temptation in economic development to look for the silver bullet, the one solution to solve all problems and quickly bring prosperity to an area. But there’s another metaphor that might prove more useful in describing efforts to sustain an economy over the long term, and that’s the tortoise. While the announced plans to […]

So what’s your story? I bet it’s a telling one

I’m perfectly content, honored even, with my title as editor of the Business Times. Although editor of a one-man news staff isn’t nearly as impressive as it sounds and necessarily requires a lot more than editing. Like reporting, writing and hauling out the trash. But I’ll admit it. I’ve long aspired to something my beloved […]

Halfway through the year, signals still mixed

There’s seldom a time when all the indicators click into place like tumblers and reveal, if only for a moment, what’s really going on in the economy. More often, another metaphor applies: The signals remain mixed. That’s the situation in the Grand Valley halfway through 2019. The cover story in this very issue of the […]

When the going gets tough, the tough write roundup columns

At the risk of losing both my newspaper columnist certificate suitable for framing and secret decoder ring, it’s time to divulge yet another trick of the trade. Alert readers might recall my helpful column about dealing with writer’s block. When columnists believe they’re suffering from writer’s block and can’t think of anything to write about, […]