In trying to tax the rich, everyone pays the price

The political Left has a tough time with economics, especially the economics of taxation. Specifically, they’ve put forth all kinds of proposals to “tax the rich,” as they like to put it, and believe only the rich will pay. But that’s not how taxes work. When politicians put forth ideas like imposing a “wealth tax,” […]

What are you waiting for? I hope it’s not inspiration

It’s time for another column in which the curmudgeonly newspaper editor reveals his trade secrets — and, hopefully, some insights that could prove useful in greater pursuits. The moral of my latest story? The importance of NOT waiting for inspiration to strike. Ironic, isn’t it? I want to believe — fantasize, actually — my columns […]

This Valentine’s Day, show some love to small businesses

We’re fortunate in Colorado to have Loveland, the most perfectly named city ever for Valentine’s Day, as well so many other places in which to celebrate love throughout our state. The majestic beauty, exciting adventure opportunities and plethora of unique shopping and dining options make Colorado a great place to observe the holiday. Whether you […]

They do that here? Thankfully, they do

It can be surprising, even to those who’ve long lived in the area, to discover some of the remarkable businesses that operate in the Grand Valley and equally remarkable products and services they provide. The realization can provoke a common response: I didn’t know they do that here. One of the first examples to come […]

Who was Ludwig von Mises? It’s time to bring back his work

Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises was one of the most notable economists of the 20th century. He popularized praxeology —  the science of human action, that humans engage in conscious or purposeful actions toward chosen goals. Ludwig von Mises demonstrated: The expansion of free markets, the division of labor and private capital investment is the […]

Passion keeps entrepreneurs — and editors — hard at work

In one respect, the entrepreneurs I interview are as unique as snowflakes. They come from different backgrounds. They bring to their ventures different training and talents. But it’s also been my experience in working more than 20 years as editor of a business journal that entrepreneurs share a lot in common. They have an idea […]

Proposed closures bad news for West Slope

Even as prospects appear bright for continued economic growth in the Grand Valley, the business news is considerably less good for other areas of Western Colorado. First, the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association announced plans to close by 2030 its coal-fired power plant near Craig as well as the nearby Colowyo Mine, which supplies coal […]