Free market essential in pandemic response

The coronavirus pandemic has demanded worldwide attention for months. As this is written, draconian actions implemented by states and the federal government remain in place to stem the spread of this unseen enemy. But when the virus no longer poses a deadly threat and there’s time to reflect on what happened, the free market will […]

Local plan better way to make opening moves

Among the many problems of government pronouncements is the notion one size fits all, even when that’s hardly ever the case. Even if the shoe doesn’t fit, wear it anyway. It’s a matter of necessity. Statewide orders can’t possibly account for the vast geographic and economic difference in place like Colorado. The situation has been […]

In the midst of tragedy, focus on those who are helping

In a previous incarnation as editor of a daily newspaper in Northwest Colorado, I worked with a talented photojournalist. He told me once about the questions he fielded from readers who wondered what it was like to have to photograph sometimes horrific events — house fires and car wrecks. Wasn’t it awful? More than 30 […]

Is it time to consider an entrepreneurial path?

The coronavirus and largely necessary responses to the outbreak have fostered fear and uncertainty. Health risks, worrying about loved ones, lost jobs, small businesses struggling to hang on and wondering how bills will be paid have become harsh realities for millions of Americans. But for those who can look beyond the crisis, being stuck at […]

Latest poll results confirm capitalism misunderstood

The results of a recent Fox News poll showed that nearly a third of registered voters hold a favorable outlook on socialism. This proportion has grown since the previous Fox News poll in February 2019.  Why, in an affluent country, would capitalism lose ground to socialism? Capitalism is defined as an economic and political system […]

News on doorstep has seldom been this bad

The lyrics from a Don McLean song fester in my mind, but I can’t think of a more succinct summary: bad news on the doorstep. I can recall only a few times over the course of a more than 40-year career in newspaper journalism when so much news has turned so bad. The terrorist attacks […]

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